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With over 25 years of experience, Balgowlah Physio has helped thousands of clients and sporting teams recover faster and achieve their goals.
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Balgowlah Physio: Integrated Care for Optimal Results

At Balgowlah Physio, we believe in integrated care. Getting you better goes beyond just the physical; it's about addressing your mind, body, and spirit holistically. That's why we offer a comprehensive approach to physiotherapy tailored to your unique needs.

Sports Injuries

Well, it is simply an injury sustained while playing or after playing sport. This may be from a tackle, a sprint, a change of direction or just pushing through your limits like the athlete you are!

Upper, Middle and Lower Back Pain

Back Pain 80% of all of us will have a major back injury at some point in our lives; bad enough to be bed-bound or significantly impair our ability to work, play sports or look after our family

Jaw and Headaches Pain

The Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) is one of the most common used, or problematic joints in the human body. Dysfunction and pain can cause multiple problems, from pain or clicking when eating and talking, facial or dental changes, and headaches or neck pain.

Specific and Targeted Therapies

Here at Balgowlah Sports Injury and Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on getting you better quicker! There are many to help you get better, but we have evidence-based, tried and tested methods that we use daily to get people back to their life pain free.

Foot Injuries and Orthotics Therapy

Foot Pain A pain in the foot or in the lower can be very debilitating and complex. Hence why there is an entire field to just the foot (podiatry).

Pre- and Post-Operative Recovery

Unfortunately, surgery may be needed to recover from an injury. Sometimes the surgery is planned and then sometimes it is an emergency. Whatever the course is for surgery, physiotherapy can help.

Trusted Balgowlah Physiotherapists for All Your Needs

Over the years, we have earned the trust of Sydney’s best surgeons and countless clients on the Northern Beaches, treating everything from minor niggles to serious injuries requiring surgery. We understand there are many physios near you, but physio Balgowlah set itself apart by collaborating with top surgeons to ensure you receive the best possible care. Whether you have a knee, shoulder, spine, foot, hand/wrist, elbow, or even jaw pain, our Balgowlah physiotherapists will develop a personalized plan to get you back on track. We also work closely with your GP to ensure a seamless recovery process. If you’re facing surgery, visit our Pre- and Post Surgical page for more information.

Personalized Treatment for Everyone

Physios at  Balgowlah, we treat everyone – from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. We’ve had the privilege of working with professional rugby stars, UFC fighters, Australian actors, politicians, and musicians, but discretion is our policy (you won’t see any name-dropping here!).  Our focus is on you, the individual. We don’t see a sore back or a sprained ankle; we see the person behind the injury. This personalized approach allows us to achieve optimal results and provide a unique therapy experience, not a one-size-fits-all solution.  If you have a sports injury, check out our Sports Injury page for more details.